rebecca. 16. my mind's too old for my body. sometimes i get hung up on the little things and sometimes i'm mean and sometimes i sing in the shower. i like john green novels and melancholy tunes and tea. i read french poetry in my spare time and i collect awkward moments. here be fandoms and pretty things and feminism.

About Me. 

I figured I’d give this a shot.

I’m Rebecca, or Rebecca Marie. I’m 13, almost 14 (less than two months until my birthday). I live in Virginia with my parents and my sisters, plus a couple of cats. My house is where all the kids in the neighborhood hang out. I’m homeschooled. I’m not afraid to tell someone what I think of them. I don’t pick fights. I am a writer through and through — I’ve been making up stories since I was six years old. My dad still makes me laugh. I like to go shopping with my mom. My friends and I are loud and strange and like to laugh. I’ve had exactly one boyfriend, and I ended it after seven weeks. I am afraid of commitment. I don’t like hospitals — more on that in the next paragraph. I am a spelling Nazi. I drink too much coffee and never sleep. Any time a cold circulates, I catch it and am sick for days. I’ve never broken a bone, but I’ve been to the ER once for myself.

My dad’s been in and out of different hospitals for the last ten years — hence my fear of hospitals. My grandmother has had three or four heart attacks and just recently had triple-bypass open heart surgery. I don’t like doctors or medicine at all.

I have an IQ of 140 — I’m not bragging, just stating a fact. I plan on going ot Williams College up in Massachusetts, where the student body is smaller than the one at my local high school. I’m going to major in Creative Writing, Grecian History, or Cultural Anthropology. I read entirely too much. I like to dress up. I wear exactly six rubber bracelets on my right wrist at all times (Team Jacob, The Hunger Games, American Art Museum, LIVESTRONG, another Hunger Games, and I like to cook and I knit scarves for soldiers. My thighs touch and I know I’m fat; you don’t need to remind me. I’ve been called a whore more than once and for some reason it gets me every time.

I’m not rich. I live in a townhouse. I have a practically non-existent backyard. All of my friends are richer than I am. My sisters are twins and I am constantly avoiding them — they’re younger. I paint my nails every week and always wait in excitement for the new runway collections. British boys are an infatuation of mine. I own seventeen scarves and twenty-eight pairs of shoes. I like to layer and I want a dress-maker’s mannequin for Christmas.

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